Mini K'nex Safe

Introduction: Mini K'nex Safe

Hi everyone, I show you a mini K'nex safe for your little objects. It can be locked and it opens with the little grey

push-button. I hope you will enjoy it !

Step 1: The Pieces

First, we will gather the pieces for the construction.


Yellow: 3

Blue: 9

Green: 30


Yellow: 20

White: 2

Grey granite: 1

Standard Tan (Clip): 3

Blue-Grey: 2

Grey-Grey: 4

Fluoro Yellow: 1


Blue: 1

Silver: 3


Black Rod/Connector: 5

Rubber Band: 1

Total of pieces: 85

Step 2: The Main Part

Step 3: The Blocking Piece

Step 4: The Door

Step 5: The Latch

Step 6: The Base

It is my first instructable, so please write comments!

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