Introduction: Mini LED Strobe Light

This will be my first instructable and I hope does well. This instructable will show you how to make a fun and bright strobe light that is smaller and almost as bright as a smart phone light.

Step 1: Supplies

Small circuit board( preferably a circle), 8 pin IC socket, Solder, Soldering gun, 2 1kResistor, 555 timer IC, Thin copper wire, 9 volt battery and clip, 8 LED uni-color white 2 -pin plcc tape and reel, 1 farad capacitor, 2 potentiometers 10k, Insulated wire.

Step 2: Attach Socket

Insert socket with pin rows facing the holes. Put it in the middle as shown. Insert on the side that has no metal. Bend the tips down to keep it in place and solder each tip.

Step 3: Placing LEDs and IC

Use the sharpie to make every pair of holes to be used for LEDs as shown in the picture before. Ignore the inner marks just focus on the outer eight. Place the IC in as shown and make a mark by the dot for as a reminder. Remove IC.

Step 4: Wiring the 555 Timer

The pin nearest to the dot on the timer is pin 1 and the other pins are labeled in a counter clockwise fashion. Follow the schematic but leave the led out. It should look a similar to this.

Step 5: Battery Clip and Adjuster

As seen in the previous photos are the battery clip and the two potentiometers soldered. The battery clip positive goes to pin 8 and the negative to pin 1. Hopefully you possess similar potentiometers as in the picture. What I did was cut one of the back pins from both and soldered the other back pins together. Do not cut off the pin that is all by itself.

Step 6: Attaching the LEDs

Simply apply two small drops of solder to each pair of holes and then press the LEDs down and solder. Make sure to point the small side with the cut corner towards the center.

Step 7: Wiring Ring

Get a foot long strand of the thin copper wire and attach it to the negative of a 9 volt battery. Take some other wire attach it to the positive and submerge both wires into water. The electrolysis will strip the coating of the copper so it can be used. Take the bare copper wire and solder to the cut corner side of the outer LEDs as shown. Attach leftover wire to make the positive ring as shown and connect the rings according to the schematic.

Step 8: Finished

Just connect the 9 volt battery to the clip and see it blind you. If it doesn't flash check wiring or adjust the potentiometers. Again this is my first instructable so if you see any problems, please comment and I will try to fix them. I made this in five hours.

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