Introduction: Mini LEGO Airplay Amplifier Tower

Minimalistic media shelf for a music-streaming amplifier. hook it up to speakers and you are good to go!

1. need sweet tunes in bedroom.
2. cables running from laptop to amp is annoying and tripping hazard.

- LEGO-based mini bookshelf to stack up small amplifier with airport express for wireless streaming.
- adequate cooling.
- minimized mess, maximized awesomeness.

Step 1: Materials

- Any Apple Airport Express that supports airplay.
- some sort of amplifier. I used a small Lepai amplifier based on strong review and size constraint.
- Pile of LEGO bricks.

Step 2: Assemble!

Step-by-step LEGO instructions and part list are available as a LEGO Digital Designer file.
Download the necessary LEGO software to open the file.

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