Introduction: Mini Lego Bow + Arrow

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How to make my lego bow+arrow. This is NOT that strong it may hurt it may not but DON'T BE STUPID and try NOT to shoot peoples eyes out or animal eyes with this. That's my warning for this. And i might come out with another version of this (and its SMALL)

Step 1: Pieces

Get 2 lego technic half pins, 1 technic 1x7 thing with holes (look at pic), technic axle (again look at pic), 1x1 cone and a small rubberband (mine is already cut).

Step 2: Look at Pic

The bow is complete

Step 3: Almost Done!

Almost done! Now to make the arrow, get a axle,bar,stick what ever you want to call it and get a 1x1 cone. Put them together.

Step 4: Done!

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