Introduction: Mini Linux Computer Under $15

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In this instructible I will show you how to make a mini Linux computer under $15. it will run Damm Small Linux and will connect to a monitor through a dvi cable.

Step 1: Get the Stuff!

No, I am not crazy, I have actually made a Linux computer with only 10 or so dollars

this is what you will need.

1. Flash drive (already had that lying around) but all it has to be is 100mb so you could find one for super cheap or free.

2. A WYSE c10le thin client (I found one at for RePC $10, they have whole crates full of them)

3. A dvi cable and monitor (if you have a desktop PC you should have these)

4. A computer with internet connection

Step 2: Download the Software!

all of this software is free

get a copy of Damn small Linux right Here

get a copy of Rufus right Here

Step 3: Burn the OS

select the image file, and your flash drive in rufus and click start.

Step 4: Put Everything Together

plug your monitor into the WYSE and turn it on. hold down P on your keyboard until a boot menu appears. then select your flash drive and press enter when damn small Linux pops up.