Introduction: Mini Man Multiverse 2020 - Paper

Thoughts of missing Burning Man led me along a strange path, one might even say I fell down a rabbit hole. Virtual is amazing, but I desire something not made of pixels. I have now found myself creating a Mini Man event in approx. HO model train scale size (1:87 scale). I finished the Man Base (inspired by this years design - by Kate Greenberg).

But, it wasn't enough, making a Mini Man just for myself. So, I created a paper version that YOU can make at home!

Step 1: Materials

  • Inkjet printer that can accept 80 lb card stock
  • 12 sheets of 8.5 x 11 cream paper - 80 lb card stock (link for paper)
  • 10.25" piece of cardboard (can be from an old shipping box)
  • Scissors
  • X-acto knife with sharp blade
  • Ruler
  • Cutting mat
  • Clear tape
  • Glue (optional)
  • LED lights (optional, link for lights)
  • CR2032 batteries (optional, link for batteries)

Step 2: Print All the Pieces on 80 Lb Stock Paper

Print out and cut/fold all the pieces. Follow the instructions on each sheet. Some sheets are marked that you will need to print 2 copies.

The PDF files:

Step 3: Some Pieces Need to Be Cut Out With the X-acto Knife

The outer cuts can be cut with scissors. The inner cuts need to be cut with the x-acto knife and ruler. Put something under the sheet (like a cutting mat) so you don't mark your table surface with a knife cut.

Step 4: Fold and Glue the Man

The Man is double sided. Fold in half and glue, place something heavy on top, like a book, while it is drying (make sure to wipe away any excess glue before placing something heavy on it). You can tape it together if you don't have glue available. You can add inner supports, like a popsicle stick or wire, if you are using thinner paper.

Step 5: Knife Tips

I am left handed, but this applies to right handers as well. Always, always, always keep your 'non-knife' hand out of the path of the blade when holding down the paper! This way, if your knife slips, it won't end up in your hand. Tip: I like to stand up when I am cutting something. I can push the pressure directly down onto the knife, instead of pulling the knife towards me, which I tend to do if I sit down.

Step 6: Archway Pieces...

On the 4 front and 4 back archway pieces, don't cut all the way to the end of the arch. Keep a little piece attached. If you make a mistake and cut all the way through to the end, just use a piece of clear tape to fix it.

Step 7: Assembling the 4 Arches

The 'archway tunnel' piece slides into one 'back archway' and one 'front archway', to create the tunnel. It will take a bit of patience and practice to assemble these. But, by the fourth one you will have it down! Tip: you can tape these as you go with clear tape to make it easier when assembling them all.

Step 8: Creating the Bottom Tier

Locate the cut pieces 'bottom tier left' and 'bottom tier right'. Get a piece of cardboard that can be cut into a approx. 10.25" circle (depending on your printer the circle may be larger or smaller). Place both pieces on the cardboard and trace them as shown. Cut out the cardboard circle. Then glue the 2 pieces to the cut cardboard. You can also glue them first and then cut the cardboard, if you prefer.

Step 9: Tab Rings...

Locate the 3 strips with tabs. Tape the end together on each one. You will end up with 3 individual rings. Bend the tabs outwards. Attach 1 of these to each of the TOP 3 tiers with clear tape or glue. The very bottom tier that is attached to cardboard does not get one.

Step 10: Stack the Pieces...

Once you have attached all the rings to the bottom of the tiers, stack them up from largest to smallest. Don't glue them, just stack them.

Step 11: Adding the Man...

Insert the bottom tab of the Man into the first and second tier pieces. You should have already cut the slit into both of those pieces.

Step 12: Bottom 4 Arches...

Place the bottom 4 arches you made earlier like this.

Step 13: Put the Man on Top!

Place the man on top and you are finished! At this point you can glue all the pieces together or leave them separate.

Step 14: Add Some Lights!

Adding a few LED lights is optional (but SO much fun). I have the links above.

Please share with me if you make one! And, if you have any suggestions on improvements for this paper craft let me know!

Facebook group: Mini Man Multiverse Burn 2020

Instagram: Mini Man Multiverse

Step 15: Burn It? Don't Burn It?

If you do decide to burn this, please do so responsibly. Use an indoor fireplace. If you HAVE to burn it outdoors, please use a burn barrel or something similar, with a fire extinguisher nearby. And yes, the arms are down in this photo. But, I do have the arms raised in the files above.