Mini Marker Fan

Introduction: Mini Marker Fan

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Its what I made at my free time ....
really it was fun making this ....

Step 1: Body

First u need a Permanent marker for its body .....or any of the material u can.also.use.a tooth brush .....

Step 2: Fixing Motor

then take a simple motor which u can find in ur RC car or Helicopter.......and place it over the cap of the marker ....and tape it or glue it with a strong one

Step 3: Giving the Power

then attach the battery to the marker and join the wires with motor ....... and tape the entire battery ....

Step 4: Making the Fan

You can use any material for making the fan..... I had used plastic bottle's plastic for blades as they give the curved surface to produce much breeze .....

Step 5: That's All Congratulations..!!!!!!

Guys hope u like it this was my first time I had done something like this never mind if u didn't like it my next project I will show u how to make led wheels.......thanks for your time...

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Such a fun idea! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!