Introduction: Mini Match Rockets

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This little rockets can fly about ten meters if you made a good one ,for big distances you need to make a lot of this rockets and test all for find the good matches for this and the good aluminium foil and the dimensions of the rocket ,remember if your first rocket fly ten centimeters is very good for the first time ,take caution because after the launch the rocket is very hot wait a bit after it goes down .


  1. Aluminium foil.
  2. Matches
  3. BBQ wood or bamboo stick
  4. Pair of scissors.
  5. Grade.
  6. Color (I use red) roller gel pen.
  7. Lighter or a candle.

Step 1: The Body of the Rocket:

Use the grade and the pen to draw on the aluminium foil a form like on the picture the mesures are on the picture .

Cut this and pass for the next step.

Step 2: Putting the "Fuel":

Cut with the scissors the head of the match .Take caution for don't smash the head of the match this one are very fragile .

Put the head on the longer side of the form ,put the BBQ stick below the head but very near to it ,like a long match DON'T GLUE IT TOGETHER and roll this .

Now smash the top edge and fold it ,press with a pliers for make the top seal, the rocket is done.

Step 3: Wings (optional).

cut a little square with 2cm by 2cm and fold it like on the picture and make a little hole on the top ,put this on the rocket and glue it with a little super glue drop

Step 4: Launching.

To fire the rocket, hold the BBQ stick with one hand and turn on a lighter under the rocket with the other. Wait a bit, you gonna hear the rocket fire and see some smoke in the air like the real rockets .Amazing...

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