Introduction: Mini Milk Jug Greenhouse

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Nowadays climate is very unpredictable and taking that into account I've decided to control weather conditions and much as possible with these very easy to make Mini Greenhouses from Milk Jugs, I hope my plants grow happily in these Greenhouses and here I share my experience making them so you can make your own and share your experiences with me.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

You will need very basic materials and tools for this project.

  • Milk Jug
  • Scissors
  • Duct Tape
  • A nail or something to make holes with (Not pictured)

Step 2: Cut and Tape

Cut your Milk Jug almost in half, make your cut 3/4 of the way making sure to leave the handle on the uncut side so you can move it easily once in use.

After making your cuts you can cover the edges with Duct Tape, I did it with camouflage Duct Tape which I thinks looks pretty cool, I plan to use my Greenhouses in multiple seasons so I made them so the can last.

I believe the visual guide of the cuts is quite easy to understand, so you can base your work on the way I did it visually.

Now is the time to add drainage holes to your Greenhouses on the bottom of your Milk Jug, I used a small nail and it was pretty easy, you could also add ventilation holes on the top of your jug.

Step 3: Fill and Use

Now simply fill your Greenhouses with potting soil, add your seeds, close them up and leave them on a sunny place, you can leave them with or without the cap so rain can water your plants, I started with the caps on because I was having some really rainy days but if it clears up I will take the caps off.

I hope you liked my project and expect you to make it, be sure to leave feedback and pictures if you make the Greenhouses, I planted some sprouted cherry seeds I had and hope they grow happily, tell me what you grow in your Greenhouses, I'll be very happy to know what everybody is growing around the world.

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