Introduction: Mini Miter Box

For the future projects, i need more precise cutting wood with accurate angle, but lack of miter saw or japanese back saw (no budget) , and after watch the DIY video of miter box on youtube , Here comes this project for future wood rod cutting for the model or miniature.

Step 1: Step 1 :Material and Tool


1): 3cm x 12 mm x 60 cm wood plane x1

2): 3cm x 8mm x 60 cm wood plane x1


1:wood clamp & C clamp x2

2: Mini Vise

3:OLFA wood saw

4 Titebond 3


6:speed square & multifunction ruler

Step 2: Step 2: Cutting Plane

First draw the line as mark with 30 cm length on both plane, then saw it

( i make a mistake with the thinner one, so one piece is shorter than the other one)

it become 28 cm and 30 cm long piece on 8 mm thickness plane,

and two 30 cm long with 12 mm thickness plane.( need only one piece, the other one i make as sacriface plane for the test.)

Step 3: Step 3 :Marking Line and Glue Up

Mark the gluing area on both thinner pieces as showing on the photo,

the glue i used is the titlebond 3.

after apply the glue on the marking area, using 2 C-clamps and one mini vise to fix and sturdy it

(it take quite time to make the gluing part fit on the marking part, it was slippy when you start to assembly.)

and go to sleep wait for one night.

Step 4: Step 4 : Reference Line and Cutting Carefully

After all glue setting, clean the surface and draw the reference line on both side of plane

i made 90. 60. 45. 30. reference line with speed square ad multifunctional ruler

then use chisel to make a small groove as initial guide for the saw.( try to take accurately)

checking everything is good to go, the cutting is begin.

Clamp the miter box make it stable, use saw to cut in one direction at first, try not to rock or force left or right ( keep it as vertical as possible during cutting) do not apply too much force,just simply let gravity take its place.

Step 5: Step 5 : Done and Test Then Coating

take time to finish the cutting. the mini miter box is quite ready

so after all the work, i used extra wood plane as test cutting, it show as on the photo, it is quit accurate cutting after i measured the cutting angle.

i will keep the test cutting plane as blocker on the miter box for the future project.

and the final step , i apply some wood oil as protection coating and make it shiny.

Hope you guys enjoys this project, and leave comment for the better improvement .

Thank you for watching.