Introduction: ​Mini Paper Fortune Teller

Mini paper fortune teller

A sticky note that is folded into a fortune teller.


A Medium size sticky note

Step 1: Take Post-it

Get a medium or small size post-it for the mini paper fortune teller.

Can also use large paper, just need to make a square shape first and trim off access.

Step 2: Fold in Half for One Corner

Fold with the sticky side down, it's easier.

Step 3: Open Up Again

Step 4: Fold the Other Corner

Step 5: Open Up Again

Should have two lines in "X" formation.

Step 6: Fold 1/4 Small Corner to Meet in Middle.

Flip the post-it so the sticky side is up.

Step 7: Fold All 4 Corners

All corners should meet in the middle.

Step 8: Flip the Post-it Over

Step 9: Fold 1/4 Corner Again.

Step 10: Fold All 4 Corners

Step 11: Flip the Post-it Again

Step 12: Fold in Half

Does matter what side you fold in half for this step.

After you fold in half, start lifting all edges.

Step 13: Final Mini Paper Fortune Teller

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