Mini Pencil Golf Game

Introduction: Mini Pencil Golf Game

The aim of this game is to get as many points as possible by hitting a ball with the back of a pencil.

50 points if you land on he dot
20 points if you land on the smaller circle
10 points if you land on the bigger circle
05 points if you get close

Step 1: You Will Need

White card
Green felt tip pen
Plastic mini curls or simular
Red crayon
Little silver ball
Pritt stick glue

Step 2: The Main Bit

Cut out a rectangle with a triangle on top shape on white card.

Rectangle 10cm by 6 cm
Triangle 6cm by 2cm

Then colour it in green

Step 3: The Biro Pen

Draw on a thick line 3 from bottom.

Also, draw a dot surrounded by 2 circles towards the top.

Step 4: The Plastic Bouncer Shapes

These are obstacles to make it more difficult to get points but can help to bounce off into the circle.

Step 5: The Back Wall

Stick on two pieces if white card to the back to bounce he ball back into play.

Step 6: The Side Walls

These are to stop the ball go out of play.

Step 7: The Game

To make it easier, you could make a little dip with the back of the bird where the dot in the middle is. i did this so that you can get more points. When thw ball behind the black line, it hit with the back of a pencil to get it as close to the dot as possible.

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