Introduction: Mini Phone Wipes Dispenser

About: I love inventing small and doable crafts. I use materials from nature or recycled plastic and cardboard to create fun and useful items.

It's always a good idea to sanitize your phone regularly, but even more so in 2020. But I hate to waste, and I don't need a whole disinfecting wipe to clean my phone. I ripped off pieces to use until I made a mini dispenser with pre-cut wipes, and I loved the result.


several Clorox or other brand disinfecting wipes

small dollar store container with lid

empty disposable plastic container

plastic gloves - these will protect your hands while working with the disinfecting wipes

knife - for cutting hole in plastic to pull wipes through

scissors - to cut wipes and plastic

Step 1: Resizing Your Wipes

Spread one wipe out on a table. If you are using a wooden table, lay down a plastic tablecloth to protect the wood. Fold the wipe in half, cut along the fold. Take the two pieces you have now and repeat so that you have 4 long strips. Cut your strips down the middle to make small rectangles about 2" long. You will have 8 mini wipes per normal wipe!

Adjust as needed to fit your container size.

Step 2: Folding Your Wipes

Now you need to fold the wipes in a way that they will dispense easily, like tissues from a box.

Layer each wipe on the one before, overlapping the top by about an inch. Fold over the bottom wipe, and layer another wipe overlapping the top by an inch. Repeat with all your wipes. (The diagram will help) This little pile is only about 5 regular sized wipes, for 45 mini uses!

Step 3: Making Your Dispensing Lid

Now cut a dispensing lid out of your disposable plastic container. Cut a flat section of plastic so that it will fit snugly in your wipe container. Cut an X in the center to pull the wipes through. I used a box knife with my plastic on a piece of scrap wood to protect my worktable. I used the bottom of a small disposable applesauce cup and it worked amazingly.

Step 4: Assembly

Put your wipes in your container, pull the top one through your dispensing lid, and you have a mini wipes dispenser! Once you have put your wipes in, you can tape down your dispensing lid to hold it in place. Put the lid of your original container on to keep the wipes fresh. Stay safe and enjoy!