Mini Photo Studio

Introduction: Mini Photo Studio

What we are about to build is a simple photo studio. My need for a small studio is to take photos of electronics modules and development modules. This simple studio with a good camera and a little bit of editing will do the trick for me.


Card Board Box


12V LED Light

12V power adapter

DC Power Jack Female Plug Barrel Connector

White chart paper




Step 1: Mini Photo Studio

Take a cardboard box and cut it as shown in the figure. You could also use cardboard pieces to create a box.

Paste white chart paper inside the box as you see in the figure.

Connect the LED light, Switch, and power jack in series. You could use cello tape to paste these things on the cardboard frame.

Step 2: That's It

That's it. A simple ministudio is ready. You could put a chart paper as you see in the pic to have smooth lighting behind the object. With a good camera and small editing you could have awesome pictures.

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