Introduction: Mini Pocket Cut Kit!

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Today i will show you how to make a mini bandaid and alcohol wipe kit with an inhaler.

Step 1: What You Need!

All you need is :
-band aid
-alcohol wipe
- nose inhaler

Step 2: Step One!

Gently pull of the nose sniffing BARREL part and remove the oil bud.

now roll up a bandaid and push it into the barrel, make sure you dont rip the bandaid.

Step 3: Step Two!

On the other side remove the oil bottle.Then open an alcohol wipe and roll it up in it.
Dont panic about germs getting to it as the end barrel is air tight.

Step 4: Sticker!

Simply search "first aid symbol" and print one off.
thanks for reading this instructable. it is a big help if you comment,vote,like as it inspires me to make more instructables. im also doing an instructable a day for this whole weel about survival so stay tuned.

This little kit is great for your bag whenever you get cut and is cheap to restock on.
once again thanks heeps for reading!

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