Introduction: Mini Pocket Size 5V Regulated Power Supply

This is very useful for your tiny projects or if you just want to test out the electronics on a store to see if they actually work.

Step 1: Prototype

We want to test out our circuit first before we solder it.

Follow the connections on the table below.

Voltage regulator pin#Connection
1Battery Anode
2Battery Cathode and Multimeter Negative Probe
3Multimeter Positive Proble

Measure it with a multimeter probe and make sure it gives out 5V.

Step 2: Solder

Solder the circuit onto a perf board.

First, insert all your components through the holes -- the Voltage Regulator and 90 Degree Header Pins. Tape them onto the perf board so they don't come off.

Flip it upside down and solder all the components into place. Also bridge all the header pins on the left and right side, respectively.

Solder the rest of the connections that we made in the previous step on a protoboard. I've provided a summary below:

Voltage regulator pin# DescriptionConnection
1Input Middle Header
2GNDHeader Set Right
3OutputHeader Set Left

Step 3: Test and Enjoy!

Now test the output again with a multimeter using the DC Voltage setting at "20." The output should be 5V or very close to 5V, as shown in the picture.

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