Introduction: Mini Popsicle Crossbow

Step 1: Soaking Popsicle Sticks

Soak 1-2 Popsicle sticks in a cup or bowl of water, this will help them bend.

Step 2: Bending

Take the sticks out of the water and bend them over two other Popsicle sticks weigh down both ends to ensure that they stay bent, after 30 take off and lie in sun until they dry.

Step 3: Notches

Put two notches on either side of the Popsicle stick on both ends and a wider notch in the middle.

Step 4: String

Use masons string or any thin string, to thin of a string will break. Tie a knot of one end of the sting so that it won't slip off, put it over one of the sticks ends. Bend the stick a little and tie another knot on the other end so the string has tension.

Step 5: The Handle

Take a Popsicle stick and cut one end flat, repeat 3 more times.

Step 6: Handle Part 2

Take two of the flat ended sticks and glue them next to one another one slightly above the other.

Step 7: Handle Finish

Repeat step 6 and clue the two halves together so they make a canal in the middle.

Step 8: Almost There

Take the bow part and glue it to the front of the handle, the flat part. Make sure the string is sitting on the handle. Once glues set to dry.

Step 9: And Your Done

Once it dries enjoy launching cue tips, Needles and tooth picks at things, I'm not responsible for any cuts and stabs. You will notice that i didn't make the trigger that is because i just pull back the bow and fire you can build one. If you have any questions them leave a comment.