Introduction: Mini Project #7: DIY Magazine Pull Aid

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Hi Instructables community,

this week we will be making a simple yet effective magazine modification similar to commercial products such as the Magpul Mag Assist. This is an easy and cheap method to modify almost any magazine to improve handling and speed during (tactical) magazine changes.

I recommend this modification if you do not have access to commercial products and have to improvise, you have a magazine that a commercial product won't fit to or do not want to spend the money on gun Gucci. You can apply this method also for Airsoft and Real Action Paintball magazines if you like. You should keep in mind that this is an improvised item which won't be as reliable as a commercially manufactured product.

The following are issue you might face with this modification:

  • If used/stored in hot humid areas for prolonged periods the modification will deteriorate due to the adhesive used on the duct tape. This effect will differ depending on the environmental conditions and the quality of the components you are using.
  • Unlike the Magpul product this modification can't be removed without destroying it (e.g. if you have to remove the base plate).
  • After a prolonged time it will also get more difficult to remove remaining adhesives from the magazine. If you are using this as a short term solution you shouldn't have any problems removing the tape.
  • Be aware that due to the increased overall length of the magazine you might have issues when shooting from a prone position.
Time:15 Minutes
Tools:Scissors, Wire cutter, Utility Knife

A magazine (e.g. M4, AK, HK G3 etc.) for firearms, Airsoft or Real Action Paintball

5cm/2" wide - good quality duct tape or gaffers tape

Zip ties (Cable ties) - 32cm/12"-13" long and 0,5cm/1/4" wide

Primary Use:Improve handling and increase speed of magazine changes

I recommend you watch the video if you want to know how to mod an AK47 magazine as the pics for this Ible were made with a M4 Magazine.

Let me know what you think about this modification in the comments and if you would like to see more mods like this (I have a few more planned already ;) ).
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Cheers Alex

Step 1: What Do You Need?

You will need:

  1. A magazine (e.g. M4, AK, HK G3 etc.) for firearms, Airsoft or Real Action Paintball

  2. 5cm/2" wide - good quality duct tape or gaffers tape

  3. Zip ties (Cable ties) - 32cm/12"-13" long and 0,5cm/1/4" wide

  1. Scissors

  2. Wire cutter

  3. Utility Knife

Step 2:

The zip ties will provide a certain level of rigidity to this modification.

Start by snipping off the the ends until you have a piece that is approx. 32cm / 12 1/2" long. Cut this piece in half to get two 16cm / 6 1/3" pieces.

Step 3: Prepare the Duct Tape

  1. Cut a piece of duct tape to 21cm / 8 1/4".
  2. Place the two zip tie strips centrally on each long edge.
  3. Carefully fold over each side once.
  4. Now carefully glue a 16cm / 6 1/3" length of duct tape over the zip tie strips. Ensure you follow the contours that are created by the zip ties because these will provide grip for the finished modification.

Step 4: Attaching It to the Magazine

  1. Place the duct tape/zip tie on the end of the magazine to create a loop that is large enough to fit your finger (even if you would wear gloves).
  2. Wrap 2-3 layers of duct tape around the magazine to hold everything in place.

Step 5: Securing the Pull Aid

Cut three smaller strips of duct tape to secure the sides of the duct tape wrap. Since the zip ties are under tension from the bending they will try to bend open the wrapping. This step should help to make the modification more stable.

Wrap the tape around the magazine another two to three times to permanently secure everything.

Step 6: Finalizing

To finalize this modification use your utility knife to trim off any excess tape and that's your new improvised magazine pull aid finished.

On the last picture you can see both magazines I modded for this project. I recommend you watch the video if you want to see how to make this mod with an AK47 magazine.

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