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Introduction: Mini Pudding Pops

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i came up with this when i decided that i wanted to make pudding pops for my students and my co-workers.  i didn't have enough pudding or space for all the 'home made' freezey cups though, so i improvised.

depending on your ice tray, you end up with bonbon sized pudding pops. 

Step 1: Gather Items

ingredients. . .

- i just used powdered mix and
- milk

utensils. . .
- mixing bowl
- whisk
- tooth picks
- ice cube trays 
(i had some great trays.  the bottom of each cup was silicone, so i could really push on each individual pop.)
- tin foil (not pictured)

Step 2: Make Pudding

for me, i combined the proper amount of milk and pudding mix.

follow directions on box (whisk for a couple of minutes)

Step 3: Fill Ice Trays

i just spooned the mixture into the ice cube cups.

if you want to be really precise, maybe use one of those frosting applicators.

for most of them i made each cube one flavor, but in the last batch i layered them together to get a fun marble mix.

Step 4: Wrap It Up

cover the trays in tin foil (to keep the nasties out)

Step 5: Add Pop Stick

you can probably get fancier with this, but i just used tooth picks.

make sure you get one in each cube.

(i made one set without tooth picks.  not a good idea.  the tooth pick allows the eater to savor the small pop. 
without a tooth pick, the whole thing has to go into the eater's mouth. . . uncomfortably cold.  also the tooth
pick makes for a decent and sanitary way to pick them up.)

Step 6: Freeze!

pop them in the freezer. 

all of mine sat overnight.  plenty of time.

Step 7: Pop 'em Out

let stand outside the freezer for a few minutes.

even the ones in the silicone ice trays needed some time to soften a little before i could easily remove them.


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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Yum! Great treat for hot summer days ~ I think I'll try this soon ;)