Introduction: Mini-Pumpkin Tea Candles

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These great little decorations are easy to make and inexpensive. They are made with a tea candles and the mini-pumpkins you can buy at the grocery store for around a dollar.



Tea candle


Small knife



Lighter(one with a long neck)

Step 1: Carving

With the knife CAREFULLY cut a hexagonal top on the pumpkin(make sure it is about the size of the candle to a little bigger), these pumpkins are very thick and tough, take your time, don't force it or rush it. The reason for hexagonal, is it is a lot easier to cut straight lines.

Next jam a fork in one of the cuts and pry the top off. If it does not come off and you are worried about destroying the pumpkin, start prying from another edge. It can take a bit of force to pry the top off.

With the knife cut the goop off the top, and scrape as much of the goop and seeds out of the pumpkin with the fork.

Slip the tea candle in the pumpkin.

Optional, put the lid back on the pumpkin until it is time to light the candle.

Step 2: Lighting

Carefully light the candle, try not too burn the pumpkin with the lighter.

Do not cover with the lid! It will just smother the flame, and even if you punched holes in the lid, it is too close to the flame and would burn.

I like to place them on the porch railing for Halloween, But be careful as it is essentially an open flame, so do not put them where drape-y costumes could ignite!

As the light is so close to the pumpkin it makes the pumpkins "glow" adding a really cool effect.

I made these last year and got many compliments. I will post more pictures this Halloween, once the sun goes down so you can get a better idea of how they look!

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