Introduction: Mini Quilled Hyacinths

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For those of you who saw my previous mini quilled flowers, this is another rendition of that! These are a bit harder, but they look fantastic when they are done. Without further adieu, here are the steps to making these flowers!

Step 1: Materials

For this project, you will need:

3 strips of paper, your choice of color

2 strips of dark orange (for the pot)


Quilling Tool



Green Wire

Wire Cutter

Step 2: Making the Pot

To make the pot, glue the two orange strips together, and then use the quilling tool to form a tight coil. Glue the end down, and then use your finger, and the back of the quilling tool, to forma dome shape for the pot. Once you have the desired position, put some glue in the pot and smear it around. This will help the pot from collapsing or loosing shape.

Step 3: Making the Petals

To make the petals, take one of your strips and cut it up into 1 inch pieces. Then, use the quilling tool to make loose coils. Do this for the rest of the pieces, and then repeat with the other colors you have chosen.

Step 4: Making the Flower

Have each of the colors in a separate pile. Cut a piece of water, about 1-2 inches, and apple glue all over it, except for at the bottom, so you can grasp it. Grab the end of the wire and start tapping the gluey part into the pile of petals, Do this until you have gathered all the petals of that color. If need be, use tweezers to carefully place the petals. Repeat for the other colors, and let dry fully.

Step 5: The Final Product!

Place some glue in the center of the pot, and gently place the flowers in the pot. Try not to let them tilt; use something to stand them up. To help, you can let the flue sit a bit, and then stick the flowers in. Afterwards, you can just let it sit and dry fully. Voila! You have now made an adorable little pot of flowers!

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