Introduction: Mini RC Car in to a RC Paper Plane

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Hi everyone this instruction to make a RC paper plane using coke can mini rc car or similar mini car, i have used car bought from banggood long time back, that car not available any more in the store , so you may have to build the rudder in different way,

my first plan was build the plane totally from the parts removed from the car. hovewer i get in to issue with motor power ant the battery used the car , i had to use two motor and 150ma battery from cx-10 quardcopter , 150ma battery was an over kill , you can use 70ma battery instead,

Step 1: Items You Need

1 mini rc car

2. 1mm carbon fiber or drinking straws

3. careless motor( i used motors and pr from cx-10 quadcopter motor in the link must be better)

4 . propeller

5. 3 drinking straws or carbon fiber 1mm rods

6. hot glue gun

7. masking tape or any other tape

8 A4 paper

9. coca cola or any aluminum can to make the rudder

10. cutting plier

Step 2: Dissembling the Car

remove the body shell on the car.

make sure not to brake any wires, best option to remove desolder two wire go to magnetic actuator ,

we take only circuit board , font part of the car with magnetic actuator and switch and charging prt attached to the circuit

Step 3: Build the Plane

first we have to cut off access part using cutting plier from plastic chassy to reduce wight ,

cut small peace from coca cola can to build the udder and attache to the plastic piece with magnet using hot glue to make the rudder( you may have to use different method depending on the car you have)

attach motor wires to forward revers motor position and rudder to the left right position in the circuit

test flight

Step 4:

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