Introduction: Mini RC Jet Boat

About: We are a small, but very creative team, that designs different projects from electronic, 3dprinted or laser cutted components.

This is a 3d printed RC Jet Boat with a 3D printed Jet Propulsion or also called jet drive. All parts are designed and constructed by my self. The goal was, to design a small and very compact RC controlled jet boat, where all parts could be build with a 3d printer.

Instead of a propeller behind the boat, the jet system works just like a jet ski, by a propeller integrated inside the boat moving the water in and out pushing it forward. Not only the hull of the boat is 3D printed, but the propeller, motor mount, servo holder, battery tray and even the servo coupler! The brushless motor was from a RC drone and with a 2 cell 18650 LiPo it was too powerful.

The hull of the boat is also constructed and printed by my self. The impulse jet, which I got printed mostly in pla, is allready tested a lot and runs really awesome. On a other version of the boat I am running the same jet but with all parts printed in ABS. Even the printed ABS or PLA propeller holds up to the brushless outrunner on 2S just fine!

Download all STL Files here


  • Download all STL Files here:

Step 1: Print All Parts

You need a 3D printer with a minimum print-high of 200mm.
Boat full Size with Stator and Nozzle 230x75x50mm

Boat Size without Stator and Nozzle 200x75x50mm

Step 2: Assemble All Parts Like It Is Shown in the Video.

Step 3: Check All Functions

Step 4: Now It Is Ready

I hope you will have fun with your new mini jet boat :-)