Introduction: Mini Rosary

Here is a mini rosary that you can use as a bracelet, key chain or however you want to use it. Blessings, enjoy !!!

Step 1: Materials

I got all materials at Walmart.
- Small glass beads
- Glass bugle beads
- Clothes hanger clip
- Lighter
- Wire cutters
- Strand of crosses
- 25 lb test fishing line.

Step 2: Preparing the Line

Cut a strand of fishing line about the length of your arm and burn one end carefully to create a bead. On that end use the clothes clip to stop the beads from going through. On the other end of the line cut diagonally so it's easy to insert the beads.

Step 3: Choose the Beads

Choose the color of beads you like. Look at the picture and pay attention to the order, insert beads into line in order from bottom to top. Red beads are piles of 10.

Step 4: Looping the Main Body

Once beads are inserted in order, remove the clip holding on to the first bead and insert other end on line on the back side of bead. Pull on line until the loop is tight burned end of line should go against the bead but will not go through.

Step 5: End Piece

Again looking at the picture, chose beads and insert into line in order from left to right. Make a knot to tie off the cross carefully tighten knot so that the cross is tight against the last bugle bead. Cut the line to leave about 1/8 inch and carefully burn end as to form a bead against the knot.

That is it. God bless.

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