Introduction: Mini SR-V1

Many people didn't have enough pieces to make Killerk SR-V1, so i decided to make a Mini version of it.

Step 1: The Handle

This handle is the same as the one from the real SR-V1. it is the same size too! just lokk at the real one to make it.

Step 2: Bottom Part of the Gun

This is the bottom part of the gun, the stock is on the end of it. My Bottom piece is about 6 yellow pieces long as you can see in the picture. The stock is the same size as the original SR-V1 stock, same design too. this whole gun is just the original gun with less pieces.

Step 3: The Barrel

This is also the same barrel as the origionail Barrel, but it just has less pieces. My barrel is about 8 yellow pieces long.

Step 4: The Sight

This sight is the Same sight as from the original SR-V1, I just used different colored pieces. The sight has small modes of my own.

Step 5: The Bipod

The bipod is optional, i made an istructable for it and it is called (SR-V1 Bipod Mod) you can make that one and then add it to your gun.

Step 6: Putting It Together

Now we will put all of the steps together. The gun will conect together just like the real SR-V1

Step 7: Finished Product

This is the Finished product. its only my second instructable, sorry if it is not very good or clear.

Step 8: SR-V1Dart

This is the SR-V1 dart, you have to use tape to make the fins.