Introduction: Mini-Sandwich Maker

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Here is a great project the year end, or for entertaining friends or family.
Mini Sandwich maker " Twist" is now available .

It is a great gift idea .

I will make several series that I will offer to my sister, my parents, my brother, my friends and my college work. It is easy and fast to print, I am sure it will please. The most interesting is that it is a great gift that does not cost expensive.

We always like to have innovative things and the New Year's Day is soon, it will be very useful. Children can also join in creating fun mini sandwitch.

I think my gift will be used a lot.

In French gastronomy the presentation and the decoration are as important as the quality of the dishes

It will let you make many mini sandwich.

The files are available for download, but you can also use OpensScad ( You will then be able to change the size (height, width, depth) for it to be not all the same.

Choose the type : Cylinder, Hex, Square, Octagonal, Oval, Rectangle, Rectangle with Bevel, Heart.

Choose the axis type you prefer: Hex, Square, Cylinder.

You can also chose the cap: Cube or Sphere. (Personally I find the prettiest sphere but it is a matter of taste)

Your guests always appreciate these little appetizer.

If you are having any difficulties, need advices or you want me to make changes, I remain at your disposal.

If you want to learn OpenSCAD you can follow my video tutorials :

Step 1: How to Print and How to Use

You either print the attached files and you need to pay attention to the axis you want to use. Either you use OpenScad, made your settings and generate all the parts with the same setting.

For the base I recommend the use of transparent PLA to check where you are in your cut. The remaining parts can be printed in your favorite color.

For installation I suggest you stick the Axis and the Cap. I do not advice to stick the axis and the pusher because you will have problems for cleaning after use.

To use Mini-sandwich:

  1. Make a simple sandwich with sliced bread.
  2. Then add of butter or other on top of the sandwich so that superimpose party can paste between them.
  3. Use it as a cookie cutter. Layer by layer.
  4. Once the desired number of layer sting a small toothpick and push the piston
  5. Your mini-sandwich is done.

You can also make fun desserts:

  1. Take a piece of cake and cut it with the mini sandwich maker
  2. Add ice cream
  3. Put back at the end of cake

You will have desserts that will delight your guests

Step 2: Mini Sandwich Maker Twist Edition

In this other version, this is Mini-Sandwich Twist edition

I had to make many changes because I wanted the pusher to be able to turn in the base.

Choose the type: hex, square, octagonal, oval, rectangle, rectangle with bevel, heart.

If you have any difficulties, need advices or you want to make changes, I remain at your disposal.

Step 3: Files : Mini-Sandwich Maker

Here are the files for "Mini Sandwich Maker"


Step 4: Files : Mini Sandwich Maker Twist Edition

Here are the files for "Mini Sandwich Maker Twist Edition"


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