Mini Scented Fruit Salad Charm Tutorial

Introduction: Mini Scented Fruit Salad Charm Tutorial

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The fruit salad itself is very easy to create. All you need to know how to do is make cubes, spheres and oblong shapes. I've created an easy to follow video to help you create your very own fruit salad charms. Happy crafting!


Get all the materials needed for this project here:!product/prd15/429337...

Charm is available here:

Earrings available here:

Step 1: Materials Needed


-Premo pomegranate

-Sculpey Lime

-Sculpey yellow

-Sculpey Just orange

-Premo white

-Premo Translucent


-Xacto knife

-Miniature ceramic bowl

-Miniature fork charm

-Jump ring

-Fruit scented Oil

-Dotting tool



Step 2:

Take 1 part of the colored clay and mix it with 10 parts translucent clay.

Step 3:

Roll the green clay into a ball and then roll it into an oblong shape.

Step 4:

Take the red clay and roll it into a perfect ball.

Step 5:

Flatten out the orange, yellow and white clay and cut it into cubes.

Step 6:

Place the fruit pieces randomly on top of the bowl.

Step 7:

Add scented oil with a paintbrush.

Step 8:

Bake for 25 minutes at 275 degrees.

Step 9:

Take the clay straight out of the oven and dunk it into ice water to bring out the translucent effect.

Step 10:

Pat dry

Step 11:

Coat with two coats of glaze and set aside to dry.

Step 12: ALL DONE!

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