Introduction: Mini School Supplies

Do you love school? I do. If you like it too, this is for you! Ranging from mini notebooks to mini pens, I've got you covered.


Piece of thick paper (cardstock, or similar paper, index cards work as well)

Small Pads of Sticky Notes ( two sizes, as shown)


erasers (as shown)

Magnetic fasteners

Old pencil and pen (you will cut these)



You will also need a ruler, scissors, a pencil, a hot glue gun, and either a sewing machine, or a sewing needle.

Step 1: Notebook

For this notebook, you will need the bigger pad of Sticky Notes, and your cardstock. First, place the Sticky Notes pad on the corner of the cardstock as shown. Next, draw a line using the edge of the it. Then, align the spine of the Sticky Notes pad with the line you drew. Mark the width of the spine. Now, put the Sticky Notes pad flat, and draw the sides. Cut out template. Hot glue the spine to where you marked it. Finally, hot glue the inside of the cover to the front and back pages and decorate it!

Step 2: Pencil Pouch

First, cut out your template on paper as shown. Then, iron your fabric and cut it out using your template. Next, sew around the outside of the piece of fabric you just cut. Using an iron, mark your folds as shown. Sew the edges that will close the pencil pouch, leaving space to put your magnetized button. Place your buttons in the corresponding spots, and sew around them to block them in place, being careful not to place them in the wrong way (test that the magnets stick). Fold and sew as shown in pictures. Finally, cut the two bottom corners making sure not to cut the stitching. Flip the pouch inside out, and you're done!

Step 3: Pencil

Grab your old pencil and make a dent with scissors where you want to cut it. Now crack the pencil where you marked the small dent, and remove any remaining shards. Finally add the eraser ``cap''. You have finished the mini pencil.

Step 4: Pen

Cut the old pen cartridge right under where the ink stops. Now cut a straw a little bigger than the cartridge. Then squirt hot glue through the straw. Stick the cut cartridge in the straw. Cut the bendy part of the straw so it's about 1" (2-3 cm) long. Cut it almost all the way to the end (long way) put it on the end you write with. Add an eraser ''cap'' as a pen cap.

Step 5: Sticky Notes

Grab a small sticky note pad. Draw a line where you want to cut. Then cut on your line.

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