Introduction: Mini Sculpey Jedi Master Yoda

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Yoda: "To make your own mini sculpey Jedi master Yoda with this instructable you must learn.  Herh herh herh."

Have you ever thought to yourself, if only I had a Yoda the size of a toothpick my life would be complete?  Well young instructables Jedi today is your lucky day!  With this instructable I will guide you (and Yoda might as well) into creating this force-tastic little guy for your home, desk, school, class, and other random fun.

Step 1:

Yoda: "Need the following materials, you will.  Yeesssssss."


Yoda Speak

Sculpey® III

White: S302 001
Black: S302 042
Chocolate: S302 053
Emerald: S302 323

Sculpey® Tools (Mine came with the Sculpey® Crafty Clay Variety Pack I bought)



Optional Materials:

Needle Tool
Sculpey® Clay Conditioning Machine
Sculpey® Acrylic Roller
Sculpey® Clay Softener

Step 2: Head Shape

Yoda: "With triangle ears create the head round.  To create the ear crevice use a toothpick.  Yes, hmmm.  To while you work put the head on a toothpick.  Hmmmmmm."

You will need green clay and create a basic ball shape, from that shape pinch out the ears and smooth the head shape.  The ears are in a triangle shape from a round head.

Use a toothpick to create the ear crevice, you might also want to put the head on a tooth pick to avoid some fingerprints while you work.

Step 3: Head Details

Yoda: "Take clay and roll out a coil.  Yes, hmmm.  For eye lids and brow cut two pieces.  Herh herh herh.  With a toothpick make the deep wrinkle crevices on the head.  Yes, hmmm."

Take extra clay and roll out a coil.  Cut two pieces to size to give eye lids and brow.  Use your toothpick again to make the deep wrinkle crevices on the top of Yoda's head.

Step 4: Eyes of the Master

Yoda: "To be able to see and talk I need."

Roll out a small coil of white clay, cut to size.  Lay the coil under the eyelid and flatten it out using a tooth pick.  Roll a small ball of green clay and lay it between the eyes and use a tooth pick to give the nose details.  Roll out two small balls of black clay lay each ball on the side of the eye and roll it out flat on the white of the eye using a toothpick.  Roll a small thin coil out and place it in the shape of a 7 on the face, this will give you his mouth.  Lastly, use your toothpick to add more detail to the face adding crevices.

Step 5: Look at That Body

Yoda: "Look at that body I work out.  Herh herh herh."

Roll our a thick coil of brown, cut to size. Push it up through though the toothpick right next to Yoda's head.This will be the base of Yoda's body.

Step 6: Jedi Robes

Yoda: "To wear Jedi robe I need."

To create a robe for Yoda mix white clay with the brown used for Yoda's body.  Roll the clay out into a thin slab and wrap it around Yoda's body.  Make folds in the clay to give a realistic feel of cloth.  Make sure you leave yourself enough clay the same color of the robe to use later for the arms.

Step 7: Fancy Feet

Yoda: "To take a walk in my shoes you need."

Roll two small green balls and flatten them out.  Take the same brown you used for his body, and roll a thick coil cut two legs out of that coil and place the on top of the feet.  Take a toothpick and cutout triangles.  This will give Yoda his happy little Jedi toes and details to the feet and legs then place Yoda on top of the feet.  (I removed the toothpick from inside Yoda at this point, if your Yoda doesn't seem to be free standing it is okay to leave the toothpick inside)

Step 8: Arms

Yoda: "My hands feel the force in.  Herh herh herh."

Roll out a green coil and using a toothpick cut the end in two and form for Yoda's fingers.  Make sure you extend the arms out so you can wrap more clay the same color as the Jedi robe around them.

I cut down a piece of a tooth pick and used a reddish brown clay mix to create Yoda's cane.  I rolled a coil and drove the broken toothpick into it and remove the excess.  Put one hand on the cane, then the other hand on top of that so they look as if they are resting.  Now roll out the rest of the Jedi robe clay color.  Cut the robe color slab in half.  roll the clay into a cone shape and insert the arm.  Adjust the amount of clay and the shape and attach the arms to the side of Yoda.

With your tooth pick added details like folds in the cloth and wrinkles in the hand.  Mix a very small amount of green with black.  Take a very small amount and put it at the tip tips of his fingers.  to give him his long nails.

Step 9: Bake It!

Yoda: "Put the clay in the oven.  Yes, hmmm."

I  suck Yoda in a pan with my dead fish to get ready to bake to the package instructions.

Take Directly from Sculpey®'s Website:

Bake at 275 °F  (130 °C) for 15 minutes per 1/4 in  (6 mm) thickness.  DO NOT MICROWAVE. Baking should be completed by an adult. DO NOT EXCEED THE ABOVE TEMPERATURE OR RECOMMENDED BAKING TIME.

Step 10: Display Your Jedi Master

Yoda: "Sitting on the tv, I am."

After baking your little Jedi Master can sit anywhere, the TV, your desk, a shelf, and more.  He makes a great gift and brings smiles and wisdom.

Step 11: Size

Yoda: "standing with a penny, am I.  Herh herh herh."

As you can see Yoda is tiny here he is standing with a US penny.


Please show me your Yoda creation, and my the force be with you!

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