Introduction: Mini Self Defense Club

About: I love survival and self defense

In this instructable u will learn how to create a simple but affective self defense weapon. U will need A newspaper A altoids mini tin ( optional ) 4 chopsticks And duct tape

Step 1: The News Paper

First, Roll up the news paper nice and tight And tape it

Step 2: Mints

Take the mint tin and fold the news paper over it and tape it in place

Step 3: Duct Tape

Now duct tape the entire thing except for the bottom

Step 4: Chopsticks

Break apart the chopsticks and insert them into the bottom of the club

Step 5: More Duct Tape

Now, duct tape over the chopsticks too. And presto! U have a functional self defense weapon If u thought this was cool. Please vote for it in the " Great Outdoors Contest "