Introduction: Mini Siege Catapult


Hello! Here is an awesome and super easy to make "mini siege catapult". It won't cost too much, you can buy all the materials from the stationery store. Get the following materials right away, follow my tutorial, and you will get an amazing catapult for your kids.

This project comes from Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction: Build Implements of Spitball Warfare.


9 x Popsicle stick
4 x Wood clothespin
1 x Binder clip 25mm
2 x Binder clip 15mm
1 x Platstic spoon
Some small rubber band
A duct tape

Step 1: Prepare Materials

All you need is listed above, you can get almost these things from stationery shop.

Step 2: Make Stand

Group each of the three popsicle sticks and tape them together, two of which need to be 15mm from the end point of the stick. Then clip the two groups with wood clothespins, one straight and one horizontal.

Step 3: Make Front Pillar

Place two wood clothespins on either side of the horizontal popsicle stick group to make pillars, you must force the wood clothespins into it.

Step 4: Make Crossbeam

Clip a 15mm binder clip in the middle of the last popsicle sticks group and clip it on the front pillars.

Step 5: Make Arm

Clip a 25mm binder clip on the plastic spoon and remove handles. This is used to fix the rubber band. Then use a tape to glue a handle of the 15mm binder clip to the tail of the spoon to combine with the body.

Step 6: Combine Arm and Body

Clip the binder clip at the end of the spoon in the middle of the stand and put on the rubber band.

Step 7: Done

You got a catapult, try to fire a coin or any small items! Please be careful not to aim at living creatures.