Introduction: Mini Skateboard Tech Deck Pocket Sized Case

This is a mini Pocket sized Case for your tech deck mini skateboard so you can keep it safe. I made this instructable for fun and then I realised I could enter it in the "Pocket Sized" contest. One of the prizes is a 3d printer. If part of the instructable team is reading this please can you award me with this amazing prize as I've wanted one of these for projects ( that I can make into Instructables) for a very long time but never had the money. So Please Please Please can you award me. Okay that's enough let's get on with the Instructable.

Step 1: Parts and Materials

Parts that You will need:

.Plastic enclosure (Mine is a compass case from a geometry set)

.Foam material (Mine came from a Christmas present)

.Your tech deck(wheels, trucks, etc)


Step 2: Cutting the Foam

This step varies on the size of your tech deck, the size of your case and how much foam you have. However, in mine, I cut a hole for the deck, the trucks and two holes for two wheels in each.

After that use the foam you just cut out (Yes if you just chucked it in the bin you have to get it out!!!) and cut it in half depth ways and lay it in the bottom like in the picture.

Step 3: Put Foam in Case and Trim If Necessary

Put the foam in and then your parts and enjoy not losing the trucks and wheels for once!!

Thank you for reading and remember to leave a like and post if you've made it!!

Thank you!!

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