Introduction: Mini Smart Mirror Prototype One

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I have created a mini smart mirror using simple materials and products from around the average home and some materials that were bought. This mirror is meant for limited functionality just providing the user with small details such as time, weather and other personal information. This is done using the android app known as wall mirror which can only be found on android devices as I suggest you use for this project. If you would like to see my YouTube tutorial on the project and how it turned out watch my YouTube video on the project.

Materials/ software:

1. android tablet (does not matter what version it is)

2. wall mirror app (

3. Cardboard sheets

3. tape/ double sided tape

4. one way mirror reflective material

5. android charger/ charging methods

6. black paper.

These are all the necessary materials and products that will be required to make the project.

(WARNNG) when I did this project the material that was meant to be the mirror was all crunched up and did not reflect well at all. I would suggest attaching the material to glass and making sure that it is as flat as possible)

Step 1: Installing the Sowftware

Before starting the creation process it is wise to first download the software from the google play store on the android device. The software is known as wall mirror and when it has downloaded it will ask you to fill out some information. This would include information such as where you live, family birthdays, names and other important upcoming events. By doing this it will allow the app to give you the best experiences from such things as telling you what the weather and time is for your local area. The app will remind you about up coming special events or birthdays with its notification system. Once this is all installed and filled out we are able to move onto constructing the mirror.

Step 2: Starting the Base of the Project

Once the construction phase starts the first thing you should look for is the backing of the project as this will allow it to firstly look better and secondly give it a supportive backing for the device to stick to. For the purpose of being cheap and that it wont be seen I have used cardboard sheets to level out the project. depending on what android tablet you are using get a cardboard sheet at least two times bigger than it. For this example I am using a A4 sized sheet of cardboard. Next thing to decide would be which side of the mirror do you want the display to be placed. This could be anywhere from top left corner to bottom right corner or even in the centre. I have decided to put it on the top left corner so I can still see my face in the mirror with that on the side. I used the cardboard sheet as my base and I put some double sided tape on it which would be strong enough to hold the tablet. Then I placed the tablet on the double sided tape. Before this I grabbed an extra two sheets of cardboard and cut out a whole in the shape and size of the tablet in the location where the tablet would be if the sheets where placed on the base cardboard. This allows the tablet and cardboard to be level so it doesn't disturb the reflective material. You can stick all the cardboard together either by regular tape around the edges or double sided tape on the cardboards back and front. Make sure when cutting out the whole for the tablet that you also cut out a section to run the charger cord through otherwise the tablet will lose power and you wont be able to charge it.

Step 3: Adding the Look and Style.

During the project I decided to use some black paper to put over the top of the cardboard on the side the mirror would be placed on as it would just help get rid of the cheap cardboard look. Do the same thing as you did with the cardboard, cut the whole for the tablet and the whole for the charging device cord to go in. Use either double sided (thin) tape or regular tape as long as it is thing.

Step 4: Adding the Mirror Component

Once everything else is set up It is time to add the reflective material which will be the mirror component of the project. The material can be cheaply bought on sites such as ebay. Get a big enough piece to cover all of the cardboard and cut it from the rest of the roll. Once this is done line the piece up with the cardboard and either uses tape or thin double sided tape to stick the material onto the device. Once this is done and the mirror is plugged in and turned on you will have a fully functioning mini smart mirror for your home.

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