Introduction: Mini S'mores Earrings

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I tasted my first s'more around a campfire. The combination of graham crackers, melted chocolate, and gooey marshmallows was irresistable, especially when I learned the art of slow toasting (not torching) the marshmallow. These Mini S'mores Earrings are fun to make. Once you create a pair, you'll want to make s'more!


1 small ball each of brown, white, and terra cotta polymer oven-bake clay (Sculpey Premo! works well)

a piece of acrylic or other smooth working surface

clay tools: acrylic roller, needle end pointer, triangular blade

small tweezers

toothbrush (use for clay only)

2 earring hooks

2 jump rings


glass baking dish (use for clay only)

oven mitt (use for clay only)

cookie rack (use for clay only)

Sculpey satin glaze

small paintbrush

piece of waxed paper



12" ruler

Step 1: Making a Pattern for Mini S'mores

Using a pencil and ruler, draw a 6/8" by 5/8" rectangle to replicate a graham cracker.

Cut out the small pattern using scissors.

Step 2: Roll Out Polymer Clay

With the acrylic roller, roll out the ball of terra cotta clay until it is about 1/4" thick.

Step 3: Cut Out Rectangles

Put the small rectangular pattern on top of the clay.

Cut out two pieces as shown.

Step 4: Adding Texture

Lightly tap the surface and sides of the two rectangles with a toothbrush.

The bristles of the toothbrush create texture to resemble a real graham cracker.

Step 5: Adding Details

Make a hole (for the jump ring) in the upper right-hand corner of the two rectangles.

Use the needle end pointer to add realistic graham cracker markings. Add tiny vertical dashes to divide the graham cracker and add holes using the pattern as shown in picture two.

Step 6: Making a Piece of Chocolate Bar

Roll out the small brown ball to approximately 1/4" thick. Cut out a piece of clay 1/2" x 3/8".

Put the chocolate on top of the graham cracker rectangle as shown.

Step 7: Making the Marshmallow

Using your hands, roll the white ball into a log about 1/4" diameter.

Cut off a small piece to form the marshmallow and stick it on the graham cracker rectangle.

Step 8: Bake and Cool

Place the two earring pieces onto a glass baking dish and bake the clay according to the package directions.

(I preheated the oven to 275 degrees F and baked the earrings for 30 minutes.)

Remove the glass baking dish from oven with oven mitt and place on a cookie rack to cool.

Step 9: Paint With Glaze

Put the cooled clay earrings on a sheet of wax paper. Apply a coat of Sculpey satin glaze on the front.

Allow time to dry and then coat the back of the earrings with the glaze.

Step 10: Adding the Rings and Hooks

Open up the jump ring, thread it through the hole in the graham cracker rectangle, then thread the base of the earring hook onto the jump ring.

Close the jump ring together with tweezers.

Step 11: Wear Your New Earrings!

Jump for joy...the Mini S'mores Earrings are ready to wear!

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