Mini Spud Gun (not Dangerous)




Introduction: Mini Spud Gun (not Dangerous)

Ive made a little spud gun that uses Deo as fuel. Its combustion chamber is made out of a Plastik Cup.

Step 1: Materials

-Plastic cup with Lid
-Drill with Drill-Bits
-Hot Glue
-Electic igniter (you can get them out of lighters)

Step 2: Making the Gun 1

Measure the diametre of your plastic tube and drill a hole with that size in the bottom of your cup.
Then Glue the tube in the hole

Step 3: Making the Gun 2

Measure the diametre of the Metal Part on your ignitor and Drill a hole with that size at the edge of the bottom of your cup. Then Make a hole for the wire next to that hole at the side of the cup.(As shown on picture)
Then glue the ignitor  in the hole and stick the wire through the hole so that it almost touches the metal part inside the cup.

Your Spud gun is Done!

Step 4: Using It

Fill the Chamber with deo
Close it up
put a piece of paper in the tube
Press on the ignitor and see your Bullet Fly away

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    You got a vid out of this? i must see how it will work. I mean a made one and it doesn't work! But the sparks work via arc in the metal through the wire but it wont fire!!!!

    So please, enlighten me :D