Introduction: Mini Super Bright Squeezable Flashlight KeyChain

Sometimes a phone flashlight just doesn't cut it. I have to turn it on, find the flashlight app then I have this bulky thing trying to be flashlight. So I decided tomato a mini keychain flashlight.

This is a tiny yet super bright (blue) LED flashlight designed to fit in your pocket along with your keys. Being an LED flashlight it will last you a long long time since they are the most efficient 'bulbs' out there!

It uses a simple mechanism of a DIY hacked push button switch that you squeeze lightly to turn on -- that way it won't turn on unexpectedly in your pocket. It's also made of foam making it soft, cushiony, and squeezable!

Step 1: BoM

* Coin Cell Battery - 1.5V

* LED - Blue or any colour you prefer

* Foam Board

* [Optional] Rhinestones and Button (for decoration)


* Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

* X-acto Knife

Step 2: Size

Place the LED and coin cell battery (stacked up) onto the foam board and trace the amount of foam board you need. It's better to go over than under since you can always trim it later.

Step 3: Cut

Cut out the outline of the needed foam board with an x-acto knife.

Do not throw out the excess since we can use it to make the stands for the sides which is necessary to make it squeezable.

Step 4: Glue

This step is fairly straightforward, follow the pictures as they are more concise than words. A picture is worth a thousand words after all.

Glue the LED onto once side of the coin cell -- positive to positive. Then glue this coin cell onto the foam board.

Make sure to bend the pin of the LED upward on the other side so it's not contacting. Then, glue the sides of the foam board and then glue the top layer.

Step 5: Key Ring

I didn't have any tiny rings so I decided to get creative and glue an old washer as a keyring. It worked great!

Step 6: Decorate

I decided to be Punny (haha) and make the button an actual shirt button :) . Then proceeded to decorate the rest with beautiful butterfly rhinestones!

Step 7: Enjoy!

Squeeze to turn on! I actually found many uses for having a flashlight in my pocket, like searching through my basement closet. It's very quick and easy to access and intuitive to operate.

Enjoy your build!

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