Introduction: Mini Sword+sheath

This is a cool way to make a small sword just for show.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

Grinding tool, 12 gauge wire, wire cutters, anvil/ hard metal surface, hammer, fabric, sowing machine, glue, thread.

Step 2: Cutting Wire

Cut a 5 in section of the 12 gauge wire make sure its strait by pounding it straight with your hammer.

Step 3: Flatten Wire

Once you have straightened the wire platter it to about 1-2 mm thickness depending on how thick you want it make Shute it is still straight and is evenly flattened except for about 1 in on 1 end.

Step 4: Hand Guard

To make the hand guard take a piece of wire and cut it at a length of about 2 in. Bend it in half and slide it over the non flattened part of the longer piece of wire. Flatten the to be handle guard so that it is almost right around the other piece of wire.

Step 5: Adjusting

Adjust the handle and hand guard so that it is somewhat secure and straight.

Step 6: Grinding the Blade

Grind the tip of the sword so that it is to your liking then either grind or wire brush it till it shines.

Step 7: Adjusting

Make sure it is looking how you want it after you have ground the blade fix any full spots in the blade to make them shine unless its the handle or hand guard.

Step 8: Making the Sheath

Cut a 6 by 2in section of fabric of your choice and wrap it around the blade like shown. Make we're you will sow it either by hand or machine.

Step 9: Sowing

Sow down the line you have made till you pass the spot were your blade will stop when put in sheath, sow across the bottom so that there is only one hole at the top for the blade. Trim off any extra fabric and strings.

Step 10: Tying Hand Guard to Sword

Take the thread and wrap it around the hand guard and sword in a figure eight pattern. Dap glue on the thread to keep from untying.

Step 11: Wrapping Hilt

Take section of string or fabric and wrap the hilt after applying glue on the hilt, make sure the fabric/ string is wrapped tight.

Step 12: Finish

Once wrapped cover in a light coat of glue at the ends and hold till the glue dries.

Step 13: Done

Once the glue has dried peal of any unnecessary pieces of glue. Thanks for reading. If you have any questions leave a coment.