Mini Tophat




Introduction: Mini Tophat

What you will need:

  • Thick Paper/Cardstock
  • Cardboard
  • Paperclips
  • Masking Tape Roll / A circular tube which will be the size of hat
  • Double Sided Tape
  • School Glue
  • Hot Glue
  • Scissors
  • Marking Pen/Sharpie
  • Ruler
  • Knife
  • Decorations (Colorful paper, Ribbons, Diamonds, Flowers etc)

Step 1: Create the Reinforcement to the Brim of the Hat

Trace out the center of the masking tape on the cardboard. (or whatever you are using as a tube to form the shape of the hat)

Mark out about an inch all the way around the circle you made using the masking tape. Connect the dots. Or You can trace out a bigger circle around the smaller one.

Cut out the circle.

Step 2: Cover the Brim

Trace the same circles on cardstock, or trace the circle you cut out of cardboard.

Roughly cut out the circles, but leave enough room for tabs, so the edges can be completely covered.

Cut notches all the way around the outside and inside, up to the circles you drew.

Glue it onto the cardboard circle. Set it off to the side to dry.

Step 3: Create One More Circle to Cover the Bottom

Trace out the two circles one more time, or trace the circle you cut out of cardboard.

Cut it out. Cut the outside slightly smaller than the line you traced. (so you can't see it from the side)

Place it to the side for later.

Step 4: Create the Shaft of the Tophat.

Paperclip the paper into the size and shape you want. Make sure your paperclips are parallel to each other.

Slip the masking tape on the tube, trace the side that sits tight to the paper.

Roll it inside out, so that you dont have to cover up the marker later!

Cut the paper tube about half an inch longer than the line you just made (so you have extra to create tabs for the next step)

*Note You can make a straight cylinder instead, just paperclip it straight. When you make the top of the hat, it will be the same size as the inside of the masking tape.

Step 5: Create Tabs to Hold the Cylinder Onto the Brim

Cut notches up to the line you drew on the last step.

Step 6: Making the Top

Trace out the size circle you want for the top of the hat. Cut it out slightly bigger, so you can snip tabs into it. Fold them over to hide them.

I used the outside of the masking tape roll as the template for the top of the hat.

*Remember: If you are making a straight cylinder hat, you will need to make the top of the hat, the same size as the inside of the brim.

Step 7: Marking the Sizes

Put the tabs through the brim and hold it tight against the sides. Mark how big it is.

Step 8:

Balance the top inside the hat and trace where it sits.

Step 9:

Mark off where the top of the cylinder touches the other edge.

Unroll it and make a line from the marks you just made and the marks from how big the brim is.

Cut out the shape you just made, but leave a tab on one side. (so it has an overlap to attach the sides together)

Step 10:

Attach double sided tape to the edges. Dont take the covering off yet.

Step 11:

Use the scraps from the top of the cylinder.

Cut off a thin strip and attach it at their ends.

Step 12: Finish the Top

Double sided tape all the way around the thin strip you just made.

Slowly work your way around and stick the tabs onto the strip.

Step 13: Dry Fit

Before taping or gluing anything further, try fitting it together and see if everything works.

Make any adjustments. Use the last few steps.

Step 14: Put the Top On

Slowly work your way, hot gluing all the sides around the top.

Don't be afraid to reinforce the glue, Use too much, not too little!

Step 15: Complete the Sides

Tape the sides of the hat together. Slowly work your way down to the tabs.

Step 16: Attach the Brim and Finish the Bottom

Glue the tabs to the bottom of the brim.

I also colored the white tabs and the side of the bottom cover to make it look a little more clean.

Glue on the bottom cover.

Keep in mind where the seam will be.

Step 17: Cover the Seams

I like the clean look of covering the seam.

I rolled up some tinfoil and glued it into the seam.

I covered the side seam with colored tape and the seam between the brim and main structure, with a ribbon.

Step 18: Decorate!

Add the extra little bits!

Step 19: Add a Way to Hold It on Your Head

I hot glued in clips with wires for extra support. Experiment with headbands too!

Step 20: Strut Your Stuff!

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8 years ago on Introduction

A good hat instructable no matter what size head. Cute on your cat! When I read "tophat", I was thinking of the pronunciation "toe-fat" and wondered if it was a religious object from another culture. (All in the perception...)