Mini Turret Clay Model

Introduction: Mini Turret Clay Model

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Hello this is my first instructables that is what you will be making

Step 1: Step One: Materials

You will need white clay, red clay, and black clay + an oven

Step 2: Step 2: Build

Now take the black clay and make it into four snake like pieces I messed up with one strand and made it to skinny

Step 3: Turret Body

Now take the white clay and make it an egg shape

Step 4: Connect

Connect three strands to the bottom of the egg make sure it stands up then take the fourth strand and split it into four pieces then put 2 of the small strands on the egg like in the picture

Step 5: Red and Bake

Then roll out a small red ball and place it in the middle of the two small strands then bake and wait twenty minutes

Step 6: Admirer


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