Introduction: Mini USB Fume Extractor

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This is a small USB powered fume extractor.Made from 5 parts it is simple and requires no soldering. It can also be used to cool a car or small room.

Step 1: You Will Need

You will need:
1 small fan (I got mine from a computer)
1 small switch
1 USB cable (any kind with at least one male USB)
1 small cardboard box (slightly larger than your fan)
2 sided sticky tape
craft knife

soldering iron 
wire strippers
USB wall adapter

Step 2: Lets Get Wiring

First cut one end  off the USB cable (make sure you have a male connector still attached). next find the two smallest diameter wires or the black and red wires. These are the only ones we will need so snip off the rest. Next we need to wire up. Attach the red wire of the fan on to the left prong on the switch and the red wire from the USB cable to the middle. Attach the two black wires together and we are done. I told you it was simple. I have used some electrical tape to make sure it doesn't short circuit.

Step 3: Lets Test This Bad Boy!

Place the fan upright with the airflow going away from your soldering iron. Plug The USB cable in the wall adapter and that into that wall socket. alternatively to use this as a car fan plug it into the 12V accessory plug or into your computer USB port to cool the room. In the picture you can see it successfully extracting the smoke from  the soldering iron.

Step 4: LAST STEP!

The final step involves making a casing for your fan. This is optional but highly recommended. fir draw a circle on both sides of your box about the same size as your fan. next make a small hole with a sharp pencil or knife for the switch and another at the bottom for the power cable. Use 4 pieces of double sided sticky tape on the corners to attach it to the inside of the box. place the switch through the small hole and fasten the nut to hold it in place. Lastly tuck all the wires around the outside of the fan so the don't get in the way. You're done! 

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