Introduction: Mini Van Camper Other Design!

The purpose of this intructable is to show how I have adapted to my needs my Peugeot partner into a mini camper.

It can be done in every car as long as you have enough space to put the bed and sleep into it.

The goal is to make something cheap, removable, that anybody can to to enjoy van life over a week end or a week.

Step 1: Measure

Empty the car and measure

The space inside allow me at maximum to make a 117cm x 175cm bed.

Its way enough for 1 normal person or 2 not too big

Step 2: Freeze the Design

As mentioned previously, the goal is to keep the bed and the car versatile.

-The first point is to make the bed removable

-The second is to strength the bed by adding supports

=> a rough idea of the design should be

Step 3: Collect Materials

Here is the boll of material used :

-Angle brackets, 40 x 40 mm *4

-Para-cord 4mm 1m *2

-Tub rectangular crude steel, L.2.5 mx1.3.5 cm x H.2 cm *1

-Square white epoxy steel, H.15 x D.20 cm *4

-Steel screws countersunk head pozidriv , Diam.3.5 mm x L.12 mm

-Steel piano hinge for furniture, L.1200 x l.32 mm *1

-Fir-knotted small knot planed, 27 x 44 mm, L.2.4 m *1

-Poplar plywood panel, Ep.15 mm :

---box sides 485mm x 590mm *2

---box top 1170mm x 590mm *1

---box bottom 1170mm x 600mm*1

---bed1 1290mm x 560mm*1

---bed2 1290mm x 565mm*1

Step 4: Box Assembly

Just take the angle bracket and screw the different panel of the box

Step 5: Bed Support Mechanism

A) cut the 2.5m iron bar in 2 to have 2 bars of 1.25 m

B) Iron bar holder box side (back)

Screw the angle bracket on the box top right and left corner of the box

C) Iron bar holder front side

Use the para-cord to create 2 holders on the safety belt attaches

Cut fir-knotted small knot planed to the appropriate size so it can be hold by the cord

Tips : Add few screw with the head out to keep Iron bar and para-cord in place

Step 6: Bed Assembly

Take the 2 parts and join it with steel piano hinge

Step 7: Conclusion Setup You Bed and Get Some Rest!

1) Put the iron bar in the box holder

2) Set the front holder

3) Put the bed in the car

4) Enjoy !

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