Introduction: Mini Weaving Loom

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This is a mini weaving loom for beginners. It's very simple and easy to learn. Here are the instructions on how to make the loom and whatever you want to make from it!

Step 1: Making the Loom

- Cut a rectangular/square piece of cardboard. (The bigger the loom, the bigger the cloth.)

- Draw evenly spaced lines on the edges of the cardboard. (You must have a even number of lines!)

- Cut the lines.

Step 2: String the Loom

- Now you have to string the loom. This is called warping

- Put the string in the first cut and tape it to the back.

- Continue stringing the rest of where the cuts are and tape the end on the back.

Now you can start weaving!

Step 3: Now the Weaving!

- Tie a string around a needle. (A big needle works better.)

- String the needle under, over, under, over until at the end of the strings. Leave a tail about two inches long.

- Keep it tight and pushed over to the side.

- Go under, over, under, over in the other direction now and pull tight.

- Keep on doing this until you run out of string. (Make sure all of the tails are on the side you started on!!!)

- Cut the string off the needle with two inches of tail left that is left on the side you started on.

- Get a different color string and start again until you run out of room.

Step 4: Remove the Cloth

Warning - Bedelicate with the cloth during this part!

- Remove the tape holding the two ends and take them off the loom.

- Cut the string down the middle on the back.

- Take the cloth off the cardboard and tie two knots to keep it in place. (Do not tie too tight or too loose!) Do this for all of the strings that you just cut off the cardboard and the tails.

- You can cut the strings like I did or leave them long. Just make sure not to cut the knots off though.

Step 5: Have Fun!


You've just finished your first cloth. It's up to you on what you want to do with it now. You can use it as a coaster, or make a huge loom and make a blanket! I'd love to see what you can make . Comment if you have any questions or anythig you would like to say.

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