Introduction: Mini Witch Hat

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In this instructable I'd like to show you how to make a miniature witch hat which you can use for decoration. I use it especially for hair bands. It's a great alternative to regular sized witch hats and it's super practical.


- paper

- pencil

- pair of compasses

- scissors

- ruler

- black felt sheet

- black thread

- needle

- 0,5 mm ribbon to decorate

Step 1: Drawing and Cutting

First draw a smaller circle with your pair of compasses, then a larger circle. My small circle has 3 cm in diameter, the big circle has 10 cm in diameter. This is the stencil for the lower flat part of the hat. (picture 1)

We also need a stencil for the pointy part. Draw a 16 cm long line, take 8 cm in the pair of compasses, pin in in the middle of the line and draw a half-circle. (picture 2)

Cut out first stencil and cut the small circle out of it. Cut out the second stencil, fold it in half and cut it a bit more over the half.

Pin both stencils to the felt. (picture 3)

Cut out both shapes from felt.(picture 4)

Step 2: Sewing

Take the half of the half-circle and fold it in half aligning the long sides. Stitch them together with a blanket stitch (or other firm stitch). Now you have an irregular cone which is wrong side out. (pictures 1 and 2)

Turn it right side out. (picture 3)

Put the flat part on the standing cone and press it all the way down. (picture 4 and 5)

Use the fingers of one had to keep the edges of both parts aligned and stitch stem together again with the blanket stitch. (picture 6)

And then you have the two parts nicely stitched together. (pictures 7 and 8)

Step 3: Final Touches

Decorate the hat with the ribon. (pictures 1 and 2)

And use it to decorate whatever you want. I glue it to a black hairband and add some black tulle to give it more of a witchy touch.

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