Introduction: Mini Wooden Bat

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Step 1: Gluing

Take the 2 2x4's and glue them together using a generous amount of wood glue

Then use the clamps to clamp the wood together until the glue is dry

Step 2: Cut the 2x4 for Turning

This step allows you to make it easier on yourself to turn the wood so it won't get caught and seize up on the machine.

1. Put the glued 2x4's on the bandsaw or table saw,

2. Cut the corners at a 25 to 45 degree angle to make it as circular as possible without losing too much wood.

Step 3: Setting Up the Machine

To begin turning the blank you must first set the machine up.

1- Screw in the grub screws on the Nova G3 Chuck with tool provided.

2- Screw Chuck into mount on the wood lathe.

3- Clamp the end of the wood down into the chuck.

4- Compress the right end of the lathe to make sure the blank doesn't move.

5- Adjust tool rest just below the halfway point of the blank.

6- Adjust speed controls to preference.

7- Begin turning blank on wood lathe.

Step 4: Making Sure Your Wood Is Round

This video shows the process of making sure you get the wood rounded out and some of the adjustments during the process

Step 5: Shaping the Bat

This video shows the shaping and sanding of the bat to get it to its primary form

Step 6: Waxing

Leave the bat on the lathe and take any paper towel or shop towel and put some wax on it

Turn up the speed to the max and rub the wax on the bat till smooth

Then wipe off the excess with a clean paper towel

Step 7: Cut the Ends

Cut the ends off with table saw then sand down top and bottom and wax them as in the previous step

Step 8: Final Product

Your mini bat is now complete - (don't go around hitting people with it)