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Introduction: Mini Burner

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Since early times I have really warm (sometimes hot)
relationship to burners. Therefore I provide the present information having special feelings. It should be stated right from beginning that there will be information about gas, propane burners. I man namely injection burners, because the oxidizer (air) will be injected due to stream of burning gas (please don`t muddle up with fulminating gas), which goes outside of burner. But sometimes flow of air is not sufficient. In this case, in order to increase the burning temperature, air is pumped by blower. But anyway, there shouldn`t air from gas cylinder used, but atmospheric air.

That`s why the above mentioned burner is connected with one pipe only, namely the one which goes from propane gas cylinder.

Step 1: Burner Parts

This burner was developed for soldering of filigree with very small
parts, therefore the reduction of flame diameter was the focus. To the time when this burner was developed, there were no small burners with gas cylinder in shape of burner`s handle.

Soldering of small parts. Sometimes there is lack of free hands while putting the solder and keeping the parts of filigree :)

The present burner is special one, due to applying of dissector. It keeps the stability of flame in whole area of pressure (within reasonable limits, certainly), it means from 0.2 up to 3 kg/cm2. Volume of air will not be controlled. This volume is limited due to diameters of holes of pump. If there is needed to control the blow power, there is needed to put the piece of silicon pipe into ring with knurl. Control is available by rotating of ring. The selected diameter of nozzle is about 0,12 mm.

The one of approach how to build the nozzle is shown. Capillary is soldered to screw, which is screwed into the pipe. Screw is sealed by Teflon tape. Accuracy of axles should be kept. It is possible to make the nozzle without capillary, in this case the screw M3 should be drilled on bench.

Position of pipe with nozzle really should be regulated. After ignition of burner, the pipe should be moved back-forward, then the selected position should be fixed by screw.

Full version with drawings here:

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