Introduction: Mini But Mighty KNEX Gun

Please do not bash this gun for being simple and small, That was my aim - to build a workable gun in as few pieces as possible. I also designed the gun by my self without the use of anyone elses instructable, If it appears very similar to another idea it is only a coincidence. I am not the kind of person that would take credit for others work. Thank you.

Here i have my Knex gun which i produced with 13 pieces including a trigger. It also requires 2 elastic bands and some masking tape is recommended.

With a thick + strong elastic band it will shoot white rods over a very impressive distance for its size.

Pieces needed:
3x 5 way yellow connector
2x 1 way grey connector
3x 2 way orange connector

3x Blue rod
2x white rod
1x green rod

Step 1: Part 1.

Build this part 1st:

Step 2: Next Is the Trigger

Adding the masking tape on the end the ram rod pushes gives a flatter surface and makes the guns 'action' a bit smoother.

Step 3: Some Assembly

Assemble the trigger and body you have build like in the picture. You need a 5 way Yellow connector to stop the trigger sliding off

Step 4: This Ones Easy

Adding a white rod on the underside like so stops the trigger from dropping too low when the Ram Rod is removed

Step 5: Triggers Band

Add the triggers elastic band like so. This makes sure the trigger drops automatically when the ram rod is pulled back.

Step 6: The Ram Rod

Super easy step here.

Step 7: Your Finished

Here is the suggested elastic band routing. And a picture of it cocked and ready to fire.
Enjoy the Gun.

Hope to get some feedback and ratings