Introduction: Mini Candle

This is a mini candle that is easy and cheap to make, it is for holding in your hand and doesn't get hot easily. Check out my other instructable!

Step 1: Supplies

what you will need:

Wax *danger: Do not eat? (all that I could think of)

Something to melt the wax in (I used scrap candle wax and a scented wax melter, you can use a pan and a stove, just not one you cook food in) *danger: HOT!

Scisors*danger: sharp

Used party-popper*danger: poppy?

Peice of paper*danger: paper cutty

Duct tape*danger: can quack loudly


Red Bull*danger: can cause heart problems in children (I am one)

Step 2: Trim and Duct

Use the scissors to trim about 1/8 in. (3/10 cm. (almost exact lol) off the top of the party popper, then duct tape the bottom covering up the hole (from cutting off the "holder").

Step 3: Paper and Wax

Roll the paper, should be about 1 in. (about 2.6 cm) long, then put it in the popper and hold still while adding wax (be very careful). Then let the wax dry FULLY (should look like the last pic).

Step 4: Decorate

You can decorate it! I added more duct tape and used a black party popper to make it look cooler.

Step 5: Freeze

I put in the freezer so the wax wouldn't melt on a hot day (I still have mine after a year).