Introduction: Mini Cooler A/C

My pregnant Daughter and her Hubby came over. We live in Florida and they have no air conditioning in their car. Renee (my Daughter) was Miserable. So my Hubby and I Hooked her up with this very simple device we threw together in a few minutes with stuff we had around the house.

Step 1: MIni A/C

We had a cooler about 12 x 12 x 9 inches that had come with steaks in it (it was about 3 in. thick), a battery operated mini fan I had bought at dollar tree, Ice packs from the freezer,a sharpie, Straight pins with ball head and a steak Knife

we took the face off the fan and traced 2 circles using it as a guide. We put one on the top and one on the 12 x 9 side. we then cut out the circles about a 1/4 of an inch smaller then the circle with the steak knife..

We put the working part of the fan on the top to blow over the Ice and the face of the fan on the 12 x 9 side. We put the straight pins in the holes where the 2 fan parts originally connected which made it quite simple since the cooler was so thick.

Put The Ice packs in the cooler turned on the fan and she was on her way home. She called me when she got home and said it definitely did help. but we are going to replace the fan with a larger one. The dollar fan got her home but a larger fan would work much better.

I know this isn't exactly the greatest project and the first one I've tried to post so don't beat on me to hard. I just figured I'd share.