Introduction: Mini Greenhouse

Little greenhouse to add to existing square pots/planter.
Mine are used on reclaimed food plastic boxes, used to grow grass for the moment.

You need:

  • Wooden sticks (about 4)
  • Tape
  • Plastic sheet (from vacuum sealed bags in my case, but any see-through plastic will make the job)
  • 10-15 minutes

Step 1: Bend/cut the Wooden Sticks

Make two U-shaped frames from one stick (or more if needed) which will come on each of the short sides. The "bottom" of the U should be about the wide of your box, and the "legs" of the U should the desired height of the green house + some centimetres.

Cut two sticks slightly shorter than your box length

Step 2: Tape the Sticks to the Plastic Sheet

Tape the sticks to the plastic sheet making sure the angles are as straight as possible.

Leave few cm at the bottom of each foot.

Step 3: Finish Up the Taping Work

Cut from each corner the plastic sheet towards the junction between the U shape stick and the long stick,

Tape the plastic in order to make 90 degrees angle between the long stick and the feet from the U-shaped feet.

Step 4: There You Go!

You have made a small greenhouse, cheap, from recycled material and easy to adapt to different purposes.