Introduction: Mini-keg Flower Planter

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Haven't you ever wanted to show off those beautiful seasonal mini-kegs after you drank all the booze?
Here's a solution I thought of, perfect for the poor college student or any intoxicant enthusiast. 

You will need:
- 1 mini Keg
- A Sharp object ( I used a knife)
- A Hammer
- Pair of Needle-nose pliers
- 1 Nail
- Dirt
- Gravel
- Plant

Step 1: Drink Beer

Don't forget to drink the beer first, or disaster will ensue.

Step 2: Cut Off Top

Draw a line around the edge where you want to chop the top off.

WARNING: This next part is super dangerous and you may slice your finger off. Be careful.

Use a hammer to punch a hole in the metal with a kitchen knife. Pull the knife out after it's punched in and move it down a bit to slowly work your way around the can. 

While there are better tools for sawing through metal, this method works fine for those that can't go buy fun gadgets. It takes a bit more patience (about a half hour), and you may ruin your knife, so pick one you don't care about that much.

Step 3: Fold Down Edge

Use the pair of needle-nose pliers to fold down the metal edge.
Be careful with this part too, because the metal is every jagged.

Step 4: Punch Drain Holes

Use the hammer and a nail to punch some drain holes in the bottom.

Step 5: Plant Your Plant

Add some gravel to the bottom of the can for more drainage, and put your plant and some potting soil on top. You now have a beautiful family heirloom that will be passed down for generations (Or at least a sweet planter that all your friends will try and steal).